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Performance 700M Indoor/Outdoor

Solid Resin Top 9mm Thick – With Frame 69mm Thick: Provides the same bounce quality as a top-competition table.
DSI Locking System: Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease! The table is fully locked in playing and storage positions. The highest level of safety on the market!  
The folding system COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® reduces the risk of tipping.
With COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® finished space, you can slip your table anywhere without worrying about its size.
Overspeed and Overprotected Top Surface: Shock, chip and all weather resistant covered with an elegant UV-resistant “graphite” finish. Rain, snow, frost, and sun will not alter this table!
Adjustable and Retractable Net: This dual system means your net will always be perfectly adjusted in terms of height and tension.
Oversized Outdoor Wheels with Brakes: The greater number of wheels, the greater the load capacity. Therefore, the use of large twin wheels with flattened bi-material tires significantly increases the mobility of the table, especially on uneven grounds.
Stability: The legs are reinforced with a steel insert.
Adjustable Feet / Leg Levelers: With a wide pad, leg height can be adjusted to ensure optimum levelness.
Corner Protection Pads: Protection on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.
Ball Dispensers: Placed alongside the player, these dispensers are extremely practical, meaning balls are always within easy reach.
Storage: Storage placed on both side of the table to store 4 bats and 8 balls.
Made in France
Weight: 216 lbs
Manufactured by Cornilleau

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