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Pittsburgh Pool Table Refelting Service

No matter the skill level – billiards is a sport anyone can enjoy. But when it comes to refelting your billiard table, this is a job for a professional. Refelting billiard cloth is an intricate process that requires special expertise.

Overstretched felt will lead to faster wear and tear, while loose felt will cause the fabric to pucker. Not to mention, issues with rail alignment and an uneven table will diminish the accuracy of a player’s shot.

No matter if your billiard table is for fun or sport, count on West Penn Billiards for your refelting needs.

Refelting Process

  • Strip the bed and rails of the existing billiard cloth
  • Check the slate or substrate to ensure proper alignment and any imperfections on the surface
  • Recover the table with new felt
  • Ensure pockets are secured and the areas around the pockets are snug
  • Reinstall and align the bumpers and railsPittsburgh Refelting Services
  • Discard old felt

Why Refelt Your Billiard Table?

Normal Wear & Tear.
Missed cues, scratches and chalk residue are all part of the game. Even with proper care and covering, billiard cloth typically needs to be replaced every 3 to 10 years. If you notice imperfections on the felt are affecting your game, its time to consider refelting your billiard table.

Color Scheme
While green, red, burgundy and blue are classic colors for billiard cloth, there is an array of other colors to choose from. If you’re considering our refelting service, be sure to check out our color choices.

Grades of Billiard Cloth
When refelting your billiard table, there are different grades of billiard cloth to choose from. Deciding on one grade versus the next should be dependent on the quality and size of the table, skill-set of the player or the amount of the playing time. Ask us about the different grades of billiard cloth.

We proudly carry only the best brands of billiard cloth!

We guarantee Quality Work!

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