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Nail Treatments

antique brass decorative nail

Decorative Antique Brass Nail 1″

chrome decorative nail

Decorative Chrome Nail 1″

copper decorative nail

Decorative Copper Nail 1″

fan antique brass nail

Fan Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

fan bright brass nail

Fan Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

fan chrome nail

Fan Chrome Nail 7/16″

fan copper nail

Fan Copper Nail 7/16″

fan pewter nail

Fan Pewter Nail 7/16″

hammered antique brass nail

Hammered Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

hammered bright brass nail

Hammered Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

hammered chrome nail

Hammered Chomre Nail 7/16″

hammered copper nail

Hammered Copper Nail 7/16″

hammered pewter nail

Hammered Pewter Nail 7/16″

plain antique brass nail

Plain Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

plain bright brass nail

Plain Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

plain chrome nail

Plain Chrome Nail 7/16″

plain pewter nail

Plain Pewter Nail 7/16″

pyramid antique brass nail

Pyramid Antique Brass Nail 3/4″

pyramid bright brass nail

Pyramid Bright Brass Nail 3/4″

pyramid chrome nail

Pyramid Chrome Nail 3/4″

pyramid copper nail

Pyramid Copper Nail 3/4″

pyramid pewter nail

Pyramid Pewter Nail 3/4″

Color Accuracy

Please Note: Due to variations in system settings for individual screens, the accuracy of colors cannot be guaranteed. If color accuracy is important we recommend ordering a swatch.

View or Download the PDF: Nail_Head_Options

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