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Contempo Leather

Genuine Top Grain Leather Selection

Contempo Black

Contempo Camel

Contempo Castagna

Contempo Dark Chocolate

Contempo Ivory

Contempo Pebble

Contempo Sunset

Contempo White


Category: Protected
Raw Material: Brazilian
Country of Origin: Italy
Average Hide Size: 50 sq ft
Average Thickness: 0.9-1.0 mm
Test Method: ISO 2589
Flexing Endurance: > 50,000 Flex
Test Method: ISO 5402
Color Fastness To Light: Min 5 Blue Scale
Test Method: EN ISO 105-B02
Color Fastness To Rubbing:
Dry 500 Cycles – Min 4 Grey Scale
– Wet 250 Cycles – Min 3/4 Grey Scale
– Perspiration 80 Cycles – Min 3/4 Grey Scale
Test Method: EN ISO 11640, EN ISO 11641
Finish Adhesion: Min 2 N/10mm
Test Method: EN ISO 11644
Tear Strength: Min 20 N
Test Method: EN ISO 3377-1
California Technical: Class 1
Test Method: Cal Tech Bulletin 117
Cigarette Ignition Resistance: Class 1
Test Method: UFAC/NFPA 260

Color Accuracy

Please Note: Due to variations in system settings for individual screens, the accuracy of colors cannot be guaranteed. If color accuracy is important we recommend ordering a swatch.

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